The YouthSail Vision

YouthSail helps kids become self-sufficient in an increasingly competitive world. YouthSailors work in every area of a real business, delivering real goods and services (boat refurb, rentals and sales). These revenue streams help fund the program, and make YouthSail itself a model for self-sufficiency. The YouthSail curriculum includes life skills such as job hunting and conflict resolution and kids can learn professional skills (website design, event planning, etc.) from mentors. YouthSail hosts sailing excursions for kids, seniors, handicapped guests and others. These events benefit the community, and give YouthSailors exposure to a variety of people and situations.  Target membership for YouthSail is 100 kids (25 per day) on site 6 hours per week.  

c016962The Let’Sail Vision

Let’Sail provides affordable, safe access to sailing thru a fun, supportive club. Let’Sail is open to anyone interested in sailing, with a special focus on attracting members who have considered sailing “out-of-reach”. Let’Sail works in cooperation with YouthSail, and as a source for mentors, training and employment opportunities. Target membership is 130 individual and family memberships.


Good Business Sense

YouthSail operates on Earned Revenue from memberships, boat rentals and boat sales. As a nonprofit, YouthSail also qualifies for charitable contributions and grants (youth development, STEM, etc.) which are used to expand program offerings and community outreach.

sail-258869_1280 crop resizeYouthSail Staff

YouthSail employs a staff of 6 professionals to deliver a high-quality curriculum and provide a safe environment. Staff have diverse backgrounds, including several experienced sailors and teachers. Core program functions are directed by specialists including a Youth Educator, Curriculum Development Specialist and Boat Refurb Master.

YouthSail is Directed by:

Captain Eric Clarke

Captain Eric Clarke

Eric Clarke bought his first sailboat when he was 8 years old. He has been an avid sailor ever since, and has sailed competitively in professional circuits.   Eric1 is a graduate of the French Merchant Mariners Academy. His background includes maritime accident investigation and captaining supertankers.  He is currently CEO of Underwater Mariner Services.


Eric Feldman

Eric Feldman

Eric Feldman started his career as a physics teacher, and since then has worked in engineering, business, adult education, and industry training.  Eric2 has taught sailing, paddling and skin diving to youth, and is founder of the Let’s Active outdoor group. Since 2010, he has worked in Marine Salvage, Yacht Sales and Marina Management.