stock-photo-college-students-with-thumbs-up-102000970YouthSail volunteers work in every area of the program, from fixing up boats to maintaining buildings to office work. Contact us via the “Contact” page to discuss volunteer opportunities. We have a place for you to contribute what you want, when you want.


Imagine helping a kid upgrade the YouthSail website. Keep the books. Plan an event. These are real-life skills that businesses use every day. YouthSail mentors work with kids to develop these and other professional skills. Contact us via the “Contact” page to discuss mentoring opportunities. What skill do you have that would look good on a kid’s resume?


YouthSail is always looking for dedicated staff to help us grow. Many of our staff have sailing and teaching experience, but those are not required. A healthy, challenging dedication to kids is what we look for. Contact us via the “Contact” page to discuss employment opportunities. How can you help a kid grow?