What is Let’Sail?7653699200_86cb02cac1_z

Let’Sail is a community sailing club for adults and families. The club utilizes the YouthSail fleet, and provides a low-cost, easy entry into sailing. As a Let’Sail member, you learn and sail on YOUR schedule and at YOUR pace.


Let’Sail members learn boats inside and out. Basic sail instruction is focused on safety and fun on the water and includes general boating skills, vessel care and maintenance. The fleet includes boats from 10’ to 30’, so vessel size can grow with skill level. The fleet is available to fit any schedule (with prior arrangement and as appropriate to skill level).


Let’Sail is open to anyone – singles, couples, families – interested in sailing, with no experience required. New sailors learn basic skills and can access the YouthSail fleet as they advance. “Old Salts” can access the fleet according to their demonstrated skill level. Membership dues include 3 hours per month of boat rental. Reduced rate dues are available as needed, so that cost is not a barrier to membership.