Ready to jibeWhat is YouthSail?

YouthSail is a job skills and sailing program, where kids build their own fleet by refurbishing donated sailboats.  The fleet is sailed and maintained by YouthSailors, and rented to the Let’Sail community sailing club.


Job Skills20

YouthSailors work in every area of a real business, refurbishing boats, maintaining and renting the fleet, and more.  Kids learn “soft” and “hard” job skills, and life skills such as teamwork and conflict management, which offer a “leg-up” on any career ladder.



YouthSailors learn boats inside and out.  Sail instruction is focused on safety and fun on the water, and includes general boating skills, vessel care and maintenance.  The YouthSail fleet includes boats from 10’ to 30’, so vessel size can grow with skill level.


MembershipKids Cropped

YouthSail helps prepare kids to enter the workforce, and the workforce includes people of all stripes. Thus membership is open to kids of all stripes who are of high school age and ready to make a positive contribution. YouthSail kids commit 3 hours per day, 2 days per week to learning, working and sailing. The program runs after school, weekends and summers, and members can grow with the program year after year. Sponsorships are available so that cost is never a barrier to membership.